I’m New

Dear friends and fellow disciples,

In the name of Christ, I welcome you to Westminster Presbyterian Church!

We are glad you have found your way here. Take a moment to look over our mission, find out how we seek to follow the vision set out in Micah 6:8, and learn about our Presbyterian denomination.

The information, though important, is only the beginning. It is essential that you know that we find our core in worship each week. Through the sounds of the organ, the majesty of the text, and the passion of the prayers, the Spirit comforts us and molds us.

From worship, we are sent out to do ministry throughout southwest Durham and beyond. We study the Bible and pray, we teach the faith to our children, we laugh and play together, we serve meals downtown, and we advocate for those on the margins of society. Christ compels us out into the world, to bear witness to his abundant grace.

So come, worship, be nurtured, and take part in the ways we are serving together. Please let anyone on staff know what questions you have. Or ask the person beside you in worship or Bible study, and let them tell you what has drawn them here. We look forward to hearing your story, and telling you ours.

Chris Tuttle
Pastor and Head of Staff