Youth Ministry

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Westminster’s youth program is for 6th – 12th graders. Many are members of the church; their friends and other youth from the community are always welcome. The youth program combines recreation, local mission, Bible study, and community building. It is led by the Youth Council, youth advisors, parents, youth, and the Associate Pastor for Youth & Their Families.

WPC Youth Group is a place where members are encouraged to be themselves. We strive for each gathering and activity to foster a deeper relationship with Christ, each other, and the world. Along with our regular weekly program, our youth are very active in our church, local, and global communities. Youth have opportunities to:

  • participate in worship
  • attend conferences
  • perform local mission work
  • travel for mission trips

Volunteers who wish to serve in our ministries for children and youth are required to complete Westminster’s Child & Youth Protection Policy Training and renew their training every three years.

In-person activities are currently suspended as we do our part to help keep our members and our community safe, but there are many opportunities to connect and learn through digital tools and via video-conference. Please contact Alex Stayer-Brewington, Associate Pastor for Youth & Their Families, to get connected.

We are God’s Youth!

  • Connected to one another, WPC, and the greater Church
  • Struggling with and constructing our relationships with Christ and each other in an environment of love and respect
  • Glorifying God in our service to the community: local and global

We are God’s youth: growing, living, crying, laughing, and serving together in Christ’s love.

The youth meet every Sunday from 5:30-7pm in the Fellowship Hall and the Youth Suite, which is located on the second floor of the Holderness Mission Center.

We have dinner together; cost is $5 per youth. Parents sign up to take turns bringing dinner for each meeting. Sign up to bring dinner.

Once a month during our Sunday Evening Community Gatherings, the youth meet in their interest-based small groups.

  1. Adventurers: A hiking, outdoors, running small group that explores local trails and outdoor adventures
  2. Pick-Up Pack: A pick-up sports small group that will play a variety of games
  3. Baking Buddies: A small group that will bake treats for those from the congregational care list and other groups within our congregation
  4. Music Makers: A music small group that will gather to play music together, meet musicians, and plan music for Youth Sunday
  5. Art in Action: An art small group that will make all different kinds of art together – photography, crafts, pieces for worship/bulletins, as well as meet local artists and go on art excursions
  6. Game Gurus: A games small group that will gather to play board, card, and strategy games
  7. Justice League: A social justice small group that will meet with local leaders and learn about ways to live into Micah 6:8

At WPC we look to Micah 6:8, and hear the scripture calling us to mission as we “seek justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with God.” Some of the local agencies we serve with are:

  • NC Diaper Bank
  • Threshold
  • Urban Ministries
  • Families Moving Forward

Mission work is our response to God’s grace and is taken seriously by the youth. We serve shelter meals four times during the year and take an annual trip. Once a month during youth group community gatherings on Sunday nights, the junior and senior high youth will serve a local mission site.

During the summer, WPC’s youth go out into the world to serve and learn on mission trips. Learn about their journeys and follow along with their mission trip devotionals on the Mission Trip Blog.

On overnight events like lock-ins, retreats, and conferences, the youth are able to connect more intimately with each other and have the chance to stretch their faith. These opportunities help make Sunday nights more meaningful for everyone. Check our out 2019 Fall Youth Calendar.
Members of the Youth Group participate in Confirmation Class as 8th graders or older students. This prepares students for active church membership. Classes are led by church staff and elder mentors during the Church School hour from September through May. Contact us if you’d like to know more about our next class.

Westminster’s Youth Ministry has the support of the church and its members in many ways. The group is led by Youth Council, youth advisors, the Associate Pastor for Youth & Their Families, the staff, and the supportive congregation of WPC.

Youth Council

Youth council is a diverse group of senior and junior high youth, parents and volunteer advisors. Council sets the calendar, makes decisions about where to go for retreats, and organizes and evaluates the theology and success of programs.

Youth Advisors

Youth advisors are members of congregation and parents who have a calling to work with youth ministries. Some don’t realize they have the calling until they start working with the youth. Being a youth advisor can be as transforming for adults as it is the youth. Our advisors find that they learn as much from the kids as they teach. Without youth advisors, the youth program couldn’t exist.

Youth Leadership Team (YLT)

The Youth Leadership Team is a group of youth who are elected from each grade every year to plan and lead class dinners, reach out to youth in their grade, and voice concerns and ideas of youth.

Parent Support

As with everything else, the support of our parents is vital for our members. They taxi us to and from meetings on time, provide meals, and encourage participation.

Staff Support

We have an Associate Pastor for Youth Ministry who serves the church and Durham along with the youth of WPC in dynamic and creative ways.

Financial Support

The youth program is blessed with a supportive congregation and healthy budget. This allows for scholarships for those who need it, as well as multi-child discounts, aided in part by donations to the Associate Pastor’s discretionary fund. The Youth Group also fundraises for building the mission fund and reducing the cost per youth.