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At Westminster, our goal is to present great sacred music as an integral part of the church’s worship life. This is our musical offering to God and this beautiful community, and we invite everyone to participate!

The vitality of worship at Westminster is due mainly to our classically oriented music program, which gives glory to God while honoring the best of historic and present-day worship traditions. Westminster’s music program currently includes the Chancel Choir, Summer Choir, Westminster Ringers (handbell choir), Brass Ensemble, and seasonal ensembles like the Lovefeast Choir, and Children’s Choir (for the Christmas pageant and family service on Christmas Eve).

With its beautiful Reuter pipe organ and lively worship style, the sanctuary rings with enthusiastic congregational singing and great organ, choral, handbell, and instrumental music. Each Sunday, we listen as the works of Bach, Buxtehude, and other great organ composers are played, inspiring us to bring our whole selves to worship – mind, heart, and spirit. Above all, powerful congregational hymn singing energizes worship. Westminster’s dedicated ensembles present many types of sacred music in worship.

Equipped with a varied and ever-growing music library and a wonderful music room with excellent acoustics, gorgeous Steinway grand piano, and ample seating capacity, Westminster continues to build on its solid musical foundation, learning, inspiring, and growing in grace through great sacred music.

Being a part of Westminster’s music program is not only rewarding on a personal level but also enriches the church’s common ministry in truly vital ways. Everything flows naturally outward from the central point of worship, creating a vibrant community of believers determined to make a difference in the world. All who love to sing or play music are enthusiastically invited to participate in Westminster’s music ministry!


Chancel Choir

The Chancel Choir forms the core of Westminster’s music ministry and provides music for 11:00am worship services from September through May. In addition to the Chancel Choir’s most important role – musical leadership in worship – special programs form a central part of the choir’s mission.

Rehearsals are the secret to the choir’s success. It is in rehearsal that friendships are made and nurtured, that musicianship is defined and refined, and that music and spiritual truths are profoundly expressed. Rehearsals take place Thursdays from 7:30-9:15pm and Sundays at 10:00am. The attendance policy is flexible and the choir is open to new members at any time of year. It is not necessary to be a member of Westminster; this choir is open to everyone. Child care is not typically provided for rehearsals, but it can be arranged.

Want to sing, but don’t want to miss Church School? You can do both! There is no limit to our creativity in working with individual schedules. Seasonal commitments are an option for those who cannot sing regularly.

Summer Choir

Summer Choir is an excellent way to sample choral singing and is an easy, yet rewarding way to have a meaningful impact on Westminster’s worship life in the summer. It operates from June through August, rehearsing only on Sunday mornings at 9:00am. All are welcome to join in whenever they are in town or feel like singing; regularity is not expected or required. Children ages 6-12 are welcome and must be accompanied by an adult.

Instrumental Music

Instrumental music is a very important part of Westminster’s tradition. It adds richness as it brings glory to God in worship and for special events. We are blessed to have many excellent instrumentalists in this congregation, and we encourage you to share your talents if you play an instrument. There are many opportunities to play at Westminster, including playing as part of a small group or ensemble, accompanying the choirs on selected anthems, or playing a solo.

Our handbell choir, The Westminster Ringers, reaches out to people of all ages, providing a unique opportunity for musical expression. The Westminster Ringers are a lovely addition to our Advent programs and at other times of the year. Thanks to the supportive, nurturing environment of the handbell choir, it is not difficult to develop handbell skills. The group is always ready to welcome new ringers. As with all musical groups at Westminster, church membership is not required; the handbell choir is open to everyone.

Westminster’s Brass Ensemble – consisting of trumpets, trombones, French horn, and tuba – has long provided festive flair and uplifting seasonal music for the church’s Christmas Eve and Easter services. The group does not maintain a regular rehearsal schedule; instead, rehearsals are arranged according to the needs of ensemble members as they prepare for seasonal services and events. The ensemble is open to all brass players. If you play a brass instrument, don’t miss out on this opportunity to hone your skills while serving the church!

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Monica Umstaedt Rossman
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