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To the Glory of God signGod gives us countless gifts in our lifetimes. In response to God’s boundless love, we believe we are called to joyfully and gratefully give.

Supporting Westminster Presbyterian Church through your gifts is an expression of love for the work that God has called the church to do, and an affirmation that all we have is God’s alone. There are many ways to make gifts to Westminster.

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Gifts of Cash
You may make a gift of cash as a one-time donation or as a payment on a pledge. You may simply leave your gift in the offering plate at a worship service, bring it by the church office, or mail it to the church. If you would like credit for your gift of cash, whether it is a one-time donation or a payment on a pledge, be sure to include your name with your gift.
Gifts by Check
You may make a gift by check as a one-time donation or as a payment on a pledge. You may simply leave your check in the offering plate at a worship service, bring it by the church office, or mail it to the church.
Gifts by Direct Debit
You may make weekly or monthly gifts on an ongoing basis by allowing the church to directly debit your checking or savings account. This way of giving is often used to make payments on a pledge. To make a gift by direct debit, fill out the Authorization Form. The form asks for the type of account (checking or savings), the routing number of the account, the account number, and the frequency and amount of each debit. Download the form and print it out, or pick one up from the church office. You will need to sign the form and return to the church office with a voided check.
Gifts of Stock
Gifts of stock are welcomed as a one-time donation or as a pledge payment. Please contact, or have your broker contact, Sharon Morgan in the Finance Office (919-489-4974, ext 122) to obtain transfer instructions for sending a stock gift to Westminster’s brokerage account. We’ll need to know the stock(s) being given, the expected number of shares, and how you would like the gift to be applied – such as to the Operating Budget or Capital Campaign. Please note that many times stocks are transferred into our account without a name attached, so advanced notice of your gift is important to ensure it is applied according to your wishes. Be aware that the exact value of your gift depends on the value of stock on the day it is given to the church; no capital gain is realized on gifts of appreciated securities to the church.
Gifts of Life Insurance
You may make a one-time gift to the church by designating the church as a beneficiary of a policy or the owner of a fully paid-up policy. Contact your insurance agent for advice on making gifts of life insurance to the church.
Gifts by Bequest
You may make a gift through your estate to create an endowment fund, add to an existing endowment fund, or to be used as an unrestricted gift. Only the income may be spent from an endowment fund. Bequests may be added to the Founders Fund or the Holderness Fund, two existing endowments that support the long-term mission of the church. The Founders Fund was created through gifts from founding members Helen Burnett Coppridge, Nancy Payne Knight, and Hazel Livingston Wiley. It supports improvements to the church’s physical plant. The Holderness Fund supports benevolences to other organizations in the community. New endowments may be created through gifts of $25,000 or more. Contact your attorney for advice on making gifts through your estate.

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Sharon Morgan
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