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WPC Officers lay on hands in prayer at the new officers’ ordination

The principle of shared leadership is very important to Presbyterians. Pastors and staff work in partnership with the many gifted members of our congregation to guide Westminster’s mission and ministry.

We are led by two bodies, the Session and the Diaconate, and members of each lead various church committees. We believe the Spirit works best when we gather in community together to work out ideas and shape ministries. Sometimes this takes a bit more time, but it also — at its best — gives everyone a chance to share their gifts.

The Session

The Session is the main governing body in the Presbyterian Church, entirely responsible for worship, programs, finances, and facilities. But, more importantly, they work in partnership with the staff to discern the guiding vision of this place and to provide spiritual leadership as we seek to follow Christ together. Each year four elders are elected to three-year terms, and one youth elder may also be elected to a one-year term, for a total of thirteen rotating leaders. The Christian Education, Property Management, Nominating, Personnel, and Stewardship Committees, along with the Ways & Means Commission and Youth Council, all fall under the leadership of the Session.

The Diaconate

Deacons find their roots in scripture in Acts 6, in which the first disciples empower a separate group of leaders to serve in areas of service and fellowship (Greek for servant/service is diakonia). They largely guide our mission life, as well as the ways we care for each other. Each year seven deacons are elected to three-year terms, for a total of twenty-one rotating leaders. The Diaconate oversees the leadership of the Congregational Care, Connections, Fellowship, and Local and Global Missions Committees.

For a current listing of the members of Westminster’s Session and Diaconate, please contact the church office.


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