Sorting potatoes at the Food BankThe community organizations that Westminster supports are divided into five categories. Oversight for each category is provided by a sub-chair from the Local Missions Committee, whose role it is to stay in touch with the congregational liaisons concerning any specific needs that may arise and to help with funding decisions.

Why These Organizations?

There are many worthwhile organizations serving our community — so many that it would be nearly impossible to support them all. The organizations above have been selected because one or more individuals in our congregation are actively involved in those organizations and are passionate about the work that they do.

How Do We Help?

In addition to the time and effort provided by individual members of the congregation, Westminster also provides financial support in the form of grants to these organizations. Late each spring, the process begins for determining which organizations will be included in the budget to receive funds the following year. The Local Missions Funds Allocation Procedure is used to help us be more thoughtful in our funding decisions. If you are a member of Westminster and work with an organization that you would like to add to this list, contact the chair of the Local Missions Committee.

Another way that we help is to identify the need for specific items, and to collect those items through donations. In the Holderness Mission Center lobby, there are two large collection bins that can be reserved through the Diaconate. The needs are endless, and Westminster strives to meet as many as possible through its members and its outreach activities.