At Westminster, our goal is to present the best sacred music of all periods as an integral part of the church’s worship life. This is our musical offering to God and to this beautiful community, and we invite everyone to participate joyfully!

The vitality of worship at Westminster is due in large part to our energetic, classically oriented music program, designed to engage the mind, touch the heart, and open all worshipers to the beauty of God’s grace. Our music program truly gives glory to God while honoring the best of historic as well as present-day worship traditions. Westminster’s music program includes the Chancel Choir, Summer Choir, Westminster Ringers, and Brass Ensemble.

resize_thumb_2 With its beautiful Reuter pipe organ and lively worship style, the Sanctuary rings with enthusiastic congregational singing and with great organ, choral, handbell, and instrumental music. Above all, powerful hymn singing energizes worship. And each Sunday we listen as the works of Bach, Buxtehude, and other great organ composers are played, inspiring us to bring our whole selves to worship – mind, heart, and spirit.

Westminster’s dedicated ensembles present many types of sacred music: everything from Renaissance motets to early American shape-note music to African-American spirituals and gospel settings. Equipped with a varied and ever-growing music library and a wonderful music room with excellent acoustics, ingenious storage capability, a gorgeous Steinway grand piano, as well as large seating capacity, Westminster continues to build on its solid musical foundation in so many ways: learning, inspiring, and growing in grace through great sacred music.

Being a part of Westminster’s music program is not only tremendously rewarding on a personal level, it enriches the church’s common ministry in truly vital ways. From the central point of worship, everything flows naturally outward, creating a vibrant community of believers determined to make a difference in the community. All who love to sing or play music are enthusiastically invited to participate in Westminster’s music ministry!