Lydia Fraze

Administrative Assistant

Lydia earned a Bachelor’s in Psychology from California State University and has additional extensive training in the psychology of leadership and communication. She also earned a Master’s in Accounting with a Concentration in Enterprise Risk Management from NC State University. After many years in the corporate world, Lydia decided to take a different, more fulfilling path in which she could focus on her very favorite thing – being a helper. She is excited to join the Westminster staff and is looking forward to becoming part of such a wonderful community. 

Lydia was born in Georgia and has lived in many places due to her father being a career marine, but Durham is her favorite city, and she considers it her true and forever home. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, antiquing, movies, good food, music at small venues, animals, and her season tickets to DPAC. She lives with her Bengal cat, Sassafras (Sassy), who rules their home with an iron paw and plenty of sass.

Ext. 100