COVID-19 Guidelines

The Covid Operations Committee, supported by the Session, continues to work to actively balance the needs of our physical and spiritual health. While the Delta variant is a threat to everyone’s health, especially those not yet vaccinated, we believe the threat can be addressed by ensuring we all follow some key guidelines:

  • If we don’t feel well in any way, or if we’ve been exposed to someone who has or is suspected to have Covid, we stay home and don’t come to Westminster.
  • When we do come to Westminster, we all properly wear our facemasks in the sanctuary and campus buildings, as well as outside on our campus.
  • We’ll sit spread out in the sanctuary and in every other pew row.
  • We will continue to NOT sing as a congregation in worship services, though we can hum alongside our small choir and enjoy the opportunity to read and contemplate the beautiful poetry of our hymnal.
  • An attendance registration process will still be utilized to enable contact tracing if needed.
    • For worship, sign-in attendance sheets can be found at the entrance to the Sanctuary.
    • For other facility activities, sign-in sheets will be found at the entrance to the buildings.
  • Food and drink consumption will still be limited to individually portioned food and drink, ideally consumed outdoors.
  • We are utilizing our normal room reservation process for those seeking to use the WPC campus for meetings and other gatherings. Please contact Barb Schmidt for all reservation support needs.

So, if you’re feeling healthy, bring your good judgment, bring and wear your masks properly indoors and out, and bring your appreciation for each other’s spiritual and physical well-being, and join us on Sundays for Church School and worship together.

You may review the full set of Westminster’s COVID-19 operating guidelines here. Please contact Westminster’s COVID-19 Operations Team with any questions. Thanks for your understanding.