The group awoke to a lovely breakfast consisting of eggs, pancakes, or French toast. We then attended a morning worship of prayer. There were about two hours of free time after, so a couple of us decided to trek down to the coastline. We traversed the giant rock formations and collected some pretty stones. On the way back, Kayley took a selfie with the sheep.

At noon, the group met in preparation for our departure to Staffa Island. We grabbed our lunches and headed out to a small boat. Despite the general consensus that eating on the boat could make us feel seasick, many of us ate on the boat and felt seasick (except for JAKE [Jack H, Anna, Kayley, Emma]). It was a windy, cold, and turbulent ride. Which was why, 35 minutes later, we were overjoyed to finally dock on the rocky outskirts of Staffa.

Most of us made our way to Fingal’s Caves first. We (carefully) walked along the edge of the island until we reached the cave’s mouth. Frothy blue water swelled against the black rock walls that made up the cave’s curved structure. The ground was wet and slippery, so we had to be careful not to lose our footing. Despite the conditions, we got some excellent group photos.

Next, we traveled up toward the top of the island. We climbed steep, rocky stairs to get to the peak, where a few puffins had gathered. The view was also incredible – it overlooked the rest of the island and ocean.

We had free time until 6:30. Dinner was delicious as usual, and afterward we gave our highs and lows for the day ("My low was the boat ride" -everyone ). Evening worship in the Abbey followed suit, and the service ended with a song of praise that we sang on the way out. Afterward was tea and coffee in the refectory, where we chatted up a nice Swedish boy.

At night, the group discussed where we felt God’s presence most in the past few days – at the first Abbey service, singing familiar hymns, while looking at the stone cross. It was nice to reflect on the day and think about our spiritual journey thus far.

Coincidentally, it was also Megan’s birthday. Happy 17th, girl.

Peyton Dilweg