Westminster Allies Workshop

Mondays, April  19 – May 17 at 7:00pm

Race and cultural diversity are part of everyday American life. The complex and dynamic realities of every individual walking around on this planet is constantly pushing and challenging against a greater responsibility – to walk in the light that Jesus intended for us.

Talking about race can bring up feelings of discomfort, shame, fear, and confusion. Westminster affirms the obligation to Christ to actively participate in the work required to challenge and dismantle racism. Led by Stacy Whiteknight, the Westminster Allies Workshop will be an interactive workshop-style class providing a brave space to learn, explore, and discuss the facets of contemporary racism. At the end of this five-week class you will:

  • Understand the differences between bias, diversity, equity, equality, racism, justice, and so on.
  • Explore “whiteness” and the outcomes and behaviors that cause harm to others.
  • Define concepts of “blackness” and how we see and interact with BIPOC bodies in our world based on a historical stigma.
  • Explore our relationships and how we use our positions of power to oppress others.

As we understand our roles and contributions to white supremacy, this brave space provides the opportunity to create a solid baseline of understanding. Whether these concepts are new to you, or you consider yourself an ally or activist, all are welcome to participate and contribute in this space. By attending this class at Westminster, you will find a supportive community where we champion a humble and curious approach to pave an actionable path to pursue social justice. Register now

About the FacilitatorStacy Whitenight is actively engaged in antiracist work between work and community. In addition to facilitating this class, she leads a Latina Women Leadership chapter, co-hosts the Bossy Bees podcast, and is a commissioner for the City of Durham Human Relations Board.