Our supply of helping hand bags has dwindled, but the needs of our neighbors have not.

Come to the Courtyard at 5pm on Wednesday, May 24, to join the assembly line and put together a large supply of helping hand bags. A generous member of the congregation has offered to purchase the contents for 200 bags. With plenty of worker-bees, we will have no trouble filling all of them. All ages are invited and encouraged to join us!

Dinner (Chicken Parmesan, salad, chicken nuggets) will be available in the Fellowship Hall at 5:45pm. Please sign up by Monday, May 22. 

Helping hand bags are Ziploc bags that contain resources for our neighbors living in homelessness: Water bottle, protein bar, crackers, Vienna sausages, Chapstick, tooth brush and paste, socks, and a card with the addresses and numbers of local helping agencies. You are encouraged to take bags from the Mission Center lobby to hand to those in need around town.