WPC Logo vertAfter months of studying the feedback you gave us about what you want (and don’t want!) in a logo for Westminster, and working with a talented local designer to capture who Westminster is in color, design, and text, the Logo Committee is pleased to announce that the Session approved its recommendation for a logo for the church on Sunday, February 21.

Westminster embarked upon the journey to develop a logo in June 2015, recognizing the need to have a consistent visual that strengthens the church’s identity and reinforces the goals of the strategic plan. In gathering input from the congregation, the Logo Committee learned from you that WPC’s logo should:

  • Be simple and clean in design
  • Incorporate Micah 6:8
  • Be intentional in its symbolism
  • Have intergenerational appeal
  • Reflect our traditional style and the vibrancy of the congregation
  • Make it clear that we are a church and identify, if possible, with the PC(USA)

Thus, the logo that the committee recommended to the Session incorporated these elements into its design:

  • Cross – the cross is central to who we are as followers of Christ, and is thus central in the logo, clearly identifying us as a church; the Celtic cross is connected to our Scottish, Presbyterian heritage, and is found atop the steeple and baptismal font on our campus
  • Sunburst – we are nourished by the sun and the Son; a symbol of light and love that represents WPC’s outreach; the subtle glow around the cross represents vibrancy and warmth
  • Celtic cross with sunburst – used on our worship bulletins in 1963, rooting us in our foundation
  • Color – used the navy blue of the PC(USA)’s website color palette; a timeless and traditional color
  • Fonts – used both modern and traditional fonts

Over the next few months, you’ll see the logo incorporated in Westminster’s print and digital publications. We’ll also have items like stickers and mugs featuring the new logo in the coming months, so lookout for these fun ways to share Westminster and Micah 6:8!