WAY is a Bible study for moms that meets to study, talk, laugh, cry, and support one another in our attempts to live full and faithful lives. This year we are focusing on the Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Come see what WAY is all about on Wednesday, September 21, at 9:45am in the Youth Suite (3rd floor). Childcare is provided in the nursery for infants and young children through age 5.

Childcare begins at 9am to offer space for centering time. From 9:05-9:40, you are invited to participate in low-key exercise with other group members or to take time for individual prayer or meditation. We ask that you remain on campus if you have a child in the nursery. Bible study officially begins at 9:45am.

Contacts: Dexter Meath (dextermeath@nc.rr.com), Carrie Tuttle (carolinetuttle@gmail.com)