Walking Worship in IonaWe did a pilgrimage walk around the island for about 5 hours today, a kind of walking worship service to many important sites around Iona. It got rather cold and rainy as we walked – good Scottish weather!

Chris Tuttle


Today was our first full day on Iona. We woke up to some yummy breakfast then went to worship in the morning. After worship we went on a pilgrimage walk led by Chris and Cathy around the Iona Abbey and the nunnery. We ate lunch back at the hotel before we went on this time a pilgrimage hike also led by Chris and Cathy. The hike took us to the bay where St. Columba first arrived to Iona. On our hike the weather decided it wanted us to feel like St. Columba when St. Columba was here thus ensuing in heavy winds and pouring down rain. We all returned back to the hotel soaked. To describe the feeling we all felt best summed up in the words of Alex Yancy, "Soaky socks suck." All in all the day was a challenging but very rewarding experience.

Emma Duling