In Oban After an early and not particularly good breakfast followed by the daily Starbucks run, we went to St. Giles’ church for a tour. After learning some amazing things, we continued with the theme of learning and went to John Knox’s house. John Knox was a leader of the reformation in Scotland, and we got to explore his house and learn some stuff. Lunch followed, and we split off to different areas of the city, including a cool ridge on a mountain where we sat on the cliffs and ate boxed lunches provided by the hostel. After a quick trip to the fudge shop, we headed back to the hostel to gather our luggage and catch a train to our next destination. After a 4 hour trip and many scenic views, we arrived in a small town on the water called Oban. We lugged our things down the coastline for 20 minutes and finally arrived at our hostel. The view from our front yard was most definitely one to remember. We finished out with our life stories and then went on an expedition for food before returning back to the hostel for the night. Hope everything is going well back home!!

Jack High