Giving of ourselves is the greatest gift we have for the church. The dedication of our time and abilities demonstrates our commitment to justice, kindness, and humility.

Every year, the congregation is invited to make a Time & Talent pledge during stewardship season. The Time & Talent pledge lets staff and volunteer leaders know which interests and talents you’re willing to share with the church, its members, and the community. The WPC congregation is a very active one, and as summer days move into fall schedules and into the stewardship season, we are often already committed to school, sports, work, and other volunteer activities. It can feel overwhelming when asked to share even more of our talents and time.

So, the Assimilation Committee is making a change. Time & Talent pledges will be collected between August 1-21 this year. A link to the new online pledge form will be emailed to the congregation in early August; paper copies of the pledge form will be mailed to those who receive the newsletter in the mail and made available in the Sunday worship bulletin.

It is our hope that this change will provide more time to consider how you would like to use your time with Westminster before the hectic fall schedules begin. You are always welcome and encouraged to pledge your time and talent to different areas from year to year. If you decide to remain with the same committees or activities, we still need you to fill out a Time & Talent pledge.

Sharing the skills and talents we have is an expression of our gratitude to God. Please prayerfully consider your gifts and how you can share your time with Westminster.