Every year, the Assimilation Committee invites the congregation to make a Time & Talent pledge. This pledge lets staff and leaders know how you’d like to serve our church and community in the coming year. We ask that you renew your Time & Talent pledge every year, even if your interests stay the same.

Time & Talent pledges will be collected from August 6-27 this year. Here’s how the pledge process works:

  • Take time now to reflect and pray about how you’re called to serve at WPC and beyond.
  • Time & Talent pledge forms will be emailed to the congregation and mailed to people who receive the newsletter in the mail in the first week of August.
  • Time & Talent pledge forms will be included in the worship bulletin on Sunday, August 6, and will be available in the pews on Sundays, August 13 and 20.
  • Complete your Time & Talent pledge by Sunday, August 27. Paper forms can be returned to the front desk in the church office or placed in the offering plate during worship.
  • In September, volunteer coordinators will follow up to say thanks and help you get connected to a serving opportunity.