Sunday, January 7
8:30 & 11:00 worship services

One important way that we pass along the foundational stories in our tradition is through the Bible. In worship, Church School, Godly Play, we•form kids, and youth programs, we surround our children with the journeys of those who have gone before us in order that they might see God moving in their own lives.

There are several milestones in the lives of our children that Westminster celebrates to give them a sense of belonging and connectedness. In worship on Sunday, January 7, we will give our third graders personalized Bibles. By this age, they are able to understand more fully the stories they have heard in church. They’re beginning to ask questions about creation, about the unfairness that they see or experience in the world, and about issues of life and death. What better time to equip them with the Word of God and continue to expand their forming faith.