This morning, everyone woke up bright and early to catch a train from Glasgow to Edinburgh. This small journey took about half an hour, and everyone relaxed and enjoyed the countryside scenery. When we got off the train in Edinburgh, we were greeted by an intimidatingly steep set of about 100 stairs on the path to (appropriately named) High Street, also known as the Royal Mile. With a bit of a struggle, we reached the top. After dropping off our luggage at the nearby hostel, we were just in time for worship at St. Giles Cathedral. There we somewhat uncomfortably joined its members in drinking communion wine from a large communal chalice beneath the beautiful stained glass windows. When the service was over, we ate boxed lunches and walked over to Edinburgh Castle. We roamed the grounds guided by an interactive audio tour. Points of interest included the Crown Jewels; the living space of Mary, Queen of Scots; the dungeons; and the beautiful view of the city from the castle walls. After a few hours of exploring the castle came free time, where various people either stayed at the castle, shopped, or went on an unofficial Harry Potter tour guided by Jack Mountain. For dinner everyone ate at the hostel’s restaurant and watched the World Cup. Soon after was group time and then bedtime. All in all a good day!

Kayley Peters