The Assimilation Committee is reintroducing The Barnabas Project, which matches a current, active member – a "Barnabee" – with a new member or family to help them find their place in the life, work, and play of Westminster.

As a Barnabee, you would receive the name of a new member or family, their contact info, and a short bio to learn a bit about them. You would then get in touch and introduce yourself, and perhaps meet one another at or after church.

One of your key roles would simply be to serve as a resource for questions the new member might have. Another role would be to assist the new member in finding activities to be involved in here.

Our lives are deeply enriched by our involvement at Westminster, be it through service on a committee, involvement in a Bible study group, or the fellowship of a supper club. The Barnabas Project will help open those opportunities for everyone.

If you have questions or want to help reach out to new members as a Barnabee, please contact Assimilation Committee Chair Robert Brame (