Might God be calling you to join one of Westminster’s teaching teams for children or youth? Might God be nudging you to facilitate a deeper conversation with our adults?

Did you know that this year we have had nine teams of teachers working with our children and youth with an average of 25 of those teachers serving each Sunday morning? There are a total 40 teachers of children and youth. On any given Sunday, we have had at least eight teachers of adults serving, with a total of 34 folks in the pool of teachers and facilitators for WPC’s wide array of class offerings.

What compels these folks to serve the church in this way?

Some do it because, in their very nature, they are teachers. Others see teaching as a way of building relationships with children, youth, and other adults. Some do it, not because they see themselves as particularly scholarly with the Bible or church history or even practices of faith, but because they know that they learn by teaching, grow by teaching, and build up the Body of Christ by teaching. They also do it because they feel the distinct presence of the holy when “ah-moments” happen and connections are made among participants. Or when the conversation turns from sharing “highs and lows” to deep compassion being extended in their class. Or when the wisdom of a 4-year-old is spoken, and God suddenly breaks in with surprising joy.

If you would like to learn more about Westminster’s teaching teams or opportunities in facilitating adult classes, please contact Heather Ferguson.