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  1. News : 2018 Lenten Book Read

    The season of Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, February 14, and the Adult Christian Education Committee is excited to announce the return of the Lenten Book Read. During the six weeks of Lent, you’re invited to read “A Bigger Table: Building Messy, Authentic and Hopeful Spiritual Community” by pastor, author, and blogger John Pavlovitz.

    Books are available for $8 (50% off regular price) in the Courtyard on Sundays and in the Mission Center during the week. Pick yours up today!

    See how you can engage with each other around the book’s themes, including at Aperture: Third Wednesdays with John Pavlovitz.

  2. Sermons : A Love Like No Other

    Matthew 21:1-11
    Psalm 31:9-16

    A poem by Mary Oliver, called “The Poet Thinks about the Donkey:”

    “On the outskirts of Jerusalem the donkey waited.
    Not especially brave, or filled with understanding, he stood and waited.
    How horses, turned out into the meadow, leap with delight!
    How doves, released from their cages, clatter away, splashed with sunlight!
    But the donkey, tied to a tree as usual, waited.
    Then he let himself be led away. Then he let the stranger mount.
    Never had he seen such crowds! And I wonder if he at all imagined what was to happen. Still, he was what he had always been: small, dark, obedient.
    I hope, finally, he felt brave. I hope, finally, he loved the man who rode so lightly upon him, as he lifted one dusty hoof and stepped, as he had to, forward.”

    When I was growing up, Palm Sunday seemed as happy as the next Sunday, Easter morning. On Palm Sunday, after all, we were given palm branches that we could wave as we heard about the happy parade for Jesus entering Jerusalem on a donkey, praised by people with palm branches like ours, and who also laid their cloaks down for him like a red carpet. Palm Sunday was fun. Easter was more fun, with an Easter basket, eggs, and special new clothes, and lots of good food! But Palm Sunday was also fun as a child. And maybe it should be that way.

  3. Sermons : Fall: Idolatry and Power

    Exodus 32:1-14

    “Everyone is going to worship something,” one of my seminary professors used to say. The question is, “Do you know what that is for you?”1

    When I asked the Rev. Linda Parker, the Presbyterian Campus Minister at North Carolina Central University, to preach last Sunday, I didn’t ask her to engage our Lenten book read. When you have a guest preacher you let them to their thing.  But I must say, she did an amazing job addressing the themes of these chapters. She spoke about a rich man who feasted sumptuously every day behind the gates of his home. And Lazarus, who sat outside those same gates every day, longing for crumps to drop from that fancy dinner table; dogs came to lick his sores. Rev. Parker invited us to think about what a “gateless existence,” as she calls it, might look like. Free from oppressive structures and systems – not just individuals being cruel to each other, though there is plenty of that – but systems that inherently favor one over another, systems that favor folks that look like you and me, that privilege folks like us who live in the neighborhoods we live in and the schools we tend to go to. What if the gates to our schools and our churches and our neighborhoods were flung open wide, she wondered, so all might come in?

  4. News : Holy Week 2017

    Holy Week will be observed at Westminster with a “silent campus” and special worship services. Only support groups like Narcotics Anonymous and those that support Holy Week worship will meet on WPC’s campus. Our schedule will be:

    Sunday, April 9: Palm Sunday
    The children’s Palm & Fish Bank Parade will take place at both services. Parents, please have your children in the Courtyard 10 minutes before each service to receive palms for the parade, and don’t forget the fish banks! (Extra fish banks can be picked up in the Mission Center lobby.)

    Thursday, April 13: Maundy Thursday
    A worship service will be held at 7:30pm in the Sanctuary. Come remember the intimacy of the upper room and the Last Supper as we gather around the table in communion.

    Friday, April 14: Good Friday
    Music for Meditation will be offered in the Sanctuary from noon to 2pm. Suggested scripture readings will be available for meditation on this solemn day.

    Sunday, April 16: Easter Sunday
    Worship will take place at 8:30 and 11am in the Sanctuary. An Easter Potluck  Brunch will take place at 9:45am in the Fellowship Hall. All are asked to bring something to share:

    • Last names A-G: fruit or veggie sides
    • Last names H-P: main dishes (ham, breakfast casserole, etc.)
    • Last names Q-Z: breads or starches (rolls, pastries, potatoes, etc.)

    If you can help set up on Saturday, help during the brunch, or clean up after, please sign up online or contact Beth Day.

  5. News : April 19 Aperture: Third Wednesdays

    April 19 Aperture: Third Wednesdays
    Norman Wirzba
    6:30-8pm | Music Room

    “Way of Love” author Norman Wirzba will be our guest speaker for Aperture on Wednesday, April 19, from 6:30-8pm in the Music Room. Wirzba is a professor of Theology, Ecology, and Agrarian Studies at Duke University.

    He’ll speak to the themes we’ve explored throughout our Lenten Community Book Read of “Way of Love” and is looking forward to engaging in discussion and questions with us.

    Whether you’ve been reading “Way of Love” during Lent or not, all are encouraged to join us in the Music Room on April 19. No sign-up is required for Aperture, but please sign up for Wednesday Dinner.

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