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  1. News & Articles : Lenten & Holy Week Happenings & Services

    Wednesday, April 3, 6:30pm – “Lenten Imagery as Seen in Modern & Contemporary Art”
    Led by Ruth Caccavale – Music Room

    Hear a discussion of Lenten influences on art in our modern times. Ruth is a former professor of art with Rutgers University and currently serves as a gallery guide at the Nasher Museum. A gifted teacher, some of you may remember a few years ago the excellent class Ruth taught, along with Monica Rossman, on the music and art of Holy Week. We hope you will join us.

    Friday Morning Prayers, Throughout Lent

    The Congregational Care Committee invites you to pray with them on Fridays at 7:00am. Wherever you are at that hour, take a few minutes to pray for those you know and love, and for the needs of the world. Know that the Congregational Care Committee and others will also be praying at that same time, that we might be bound together as our hearts are lifted to God. Prayer Concerns & Celebrations are included in the worship bulletin.


    Holy Week Silent Campus

    To maintain our rhythm of worship and reflection, we do not schedule meetings on our campus during Holy Week. The only groups that will meet are support groups (NA, OA), Bible studies, and groups that support Holy Week worship services. We pray you will join us in this journey: Come by, take a walk, or sit and pray in the Memorial Garden.

    Sunday, April 14 – Palm Sunday
    8:30am & 11:00am Worship

    Children are invited to gather in the Courtyard 10 minutes before each service to line up for our Palm Parade with their Fish Banks for One Great Hour of Sharing.


    April 18 – Maundy Thursday
    7:30pm Worship

    Come remember the intimacy of the upper room and the Last Supper as we gather around the table in communion. Remember the words Jesus gave us as he departed, his agony in the Garden of Gethsemane, his betrayal by Judas, his final hours on the cross.


    April 19 – Good Friday
    12:00pm Worship
    2:00pm Prayer Walk of the Passion

    Experience a unique adaptation of the “Prayer Walk of the Passion,” an intergenerational, interactive event depicting the transformative moments of the Holy Week. “Prayer Walk of the Passion” touches the core of who we are as Christians. Come and see! Sign up at

    April 21 – Easter Sunday
    Resurrection of the Lord

    8:30am & 11:00am Worship  Special music by Chancel Choir and Brass Ensemble
    9:45am Potluck Easter Brunch  Bring your favorite breakfast dish to share; beverages provided.

  2. Online Worship Services : The Hinge of History

    Psalm 118: 1-2,19-29
    John 12:12-19

    My first fall in seminary while traveling I stuck my head in an airport bookstores and grabbed a book called, “What if? The World’s Foremost Military Historians Imagine What Might Have Been.”[1] The editor, Robert Cowley, the founding editor of The Journal of Military History, writes:

    [What ifs] can be a tool to enhance the understanding of history, to make it come alive. They can reveal, in startling detail, the essential stakes of a confrontation, as well as its potentially abiding consequences.

    [Then he asks] What if the Persians had beaten the rowers of Athens at Salamis in 480 BC – perhaps the single most important day in the history of the west – or if the Spanish Armada had won and the Duke of Parma’s army had occupied London?…Or what if the Germans had beaten back the D-Day landings?

  3. Online Worship Services : Grateful for the Invitation

    I John 4:16b-21
    Luke 14:7-14

    Last week we wrestled with this same text, thinking about the spiritual work involved in expanding the table, the theme of our Lenten book read. For the table to get bigger, we must be prepared, because welcoming people who look differently or are from different backgrounds or believe different things, is tough. We ask God to help us both expand our vision and see that each of us, no matter how smart and faithful we are, don’t own truth. That spiritual work, through conversation and prayer, is tough, but it matters, and it’s worth it. It is, to use Pavlovik’s words, “the fierce crucible of redemptive spiritual community”[1]

  4. Online Worship Services : The Table as Community

    Psalm 107:1-3, 17-22
    Luke 14:7-14

    I spent a couple of days this week on continuing education with colleagues at the coast. This is a group my predecessor Haywood started with friends 15 years ago, and has become, through his guidance, a seminar on multi-staff head of staff pastoral leadership. We each bring a couple of questions to the group, and we wrestle with issues of changing trends in the church, pass around books for each other to read, we listen and sometimes offer advice. These men and women from ages 35-75+ are a rock in this odd and wondrous calling.

  5. News & Articles : Holy Week 2018

    Holy Week will be observed at Westminster with a “silent campus” and special worship services. Only support groups like Narcotics Anonymous and those that support Holy Week worship will meet on WPC’s campus. Our schedule will be:

    Sunday, March 25: Palm Sunday
    The children’s Palm & Fish Bank Parade will take place at both services. Parents, please have your children in the Courtyard 10 minutes before each service to receive palms for the parade, and don’t forget the fish banks! (Extras in the Mission Center lobby.)

    Thursday, March 29: Maundy Thursday
    A worship service will be held at 7:30pm in the Sanctuary. Come remember the intimacy of the upper room and the Last Supper as we gather around the table in communion.

    Friday, March 30: Good Friday
    All are welcome to come for worship at 12pm in the Sanctuary.

    Sunday, April 1: Easter Sunday
    Worship will take place at 8:30 and 11am in the Sanctuary. A Potluck Easter Brunch will take place at 9:45am in the Fellowship Hall. Please sign up to bring a dish to share.