The Losses of Our Lives: The Sacred Gifts of Renewal in Everyday Loss

Sundays, February 18 – March 25
9:45-10:45am in Room 204
Facilitators: Bill & Nancy Roberts

Author Dr. Nancy Copeland-Payton, a spiritual director and ordained clergy, reframes loss from the perspective that our everyday losses help us to learn what we need to handle the major losses. “The Losses of Our Lives” includes spiritual practices and questions for reflecting and exploring.

“When we intentionally enter into our everyday walk through small losses, the terrain of larger losses, the valley of the shadow of death, is not totally unknown. It is not completely unfamiliar, alien, terrifying, for we have walked some of this way before with our lesser losses. We can journey through this valley of loss, for journey through it we must. And we can emerge markedly changed, but alive, on the other side.” – Prologue