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  1. News & Articles : Fall 2018 Mid-Week Studies for Adults

    Join one of Westminster’s midweek studies exploring various themes:

    Seekers:  Interrupting Silence by Walter Brueggeman

    Seekers is a group for women that meets monthly to study and pray together. Interrupting Silence illustrates that the Bible is filled with stories where marginalized people break repressive silence and speak against it. Examining how maintaining silence allows the powerful to keep control, this book motivates readers to consider situations in their lives where they need to interrupt silence, convincing us that God is active and wanting us to act for justice. (2nd Mondays, 7:15pm | Parlor)

    Monday Morning Bible Study:  Encountering God in Tyrannical Texts: Reflections on Paul, Women, and the Authority of Scripture by Frances Taylor Gench

    Start your week with rousing discussions and examination of God’s Word. This class will review and discuss the writings of Paul that have circumscribed the lives and ministries of women throughout Christian history. What are people who honor Scripture to do with such texts, and how can we engage them with integrity? Join us for lively discussions and fellowship! (Mondays, 10:00am-12:00pm | Room 105)

    Doorways: Esther and Ruth by Patricia Tull

    Doorways is a group of mostly retired, active women who meet for fellowship and Bible study. This fall, Doorways will be taking on a ten-session study of the Old Testament book of Esther, with its stories of faithfulness, courage, and survival, and the ethical questions posed by its ending, and the book of Ruth, with its themes of community, loyalty, and friendship. (Thursdays, 9:00am | Parlor)

    Men’s Breakfast Book Study

    This group meets twice monthly for fellowship, breakfast, and good, faith-filled conversation. This year will focus on studies of Esther and Ruth, as well as a reading of Greg Lukianoff and Jonathan Haidt’s The Coddling of the American Mind: How Good Intentions and Bad Ideas Are Setting Up a Generation for Failure. (1st and 3rd Thursdays, 7:00am | WPC Parlor & Hope Valley Diner)

  2. News & Articles : Adult Church School: Program Offerings for the Fall

    Bible Roundtable: A Closer Look at the Apostle Paul
    Beginning Sept. 16, 2018
    Sundays, 9:45-10:45am, Room 207
    Facilitators: Gene Brannon, Eric Wolf

    Missionary, theologian, and religious genius, Paul is one of the most powerful human personalities in the history of the Church. Many of us are familiar with the letters written by the Apostle Paul, but what do we know of Paul the man? This year we will first explore the life, mission, and thought of the apostle Paul before exploring one of his letters. Whatever your knowledge level, you will find this class insightful and compelling.

    Adult Church School Elective, Term 1: alongside: A Practical Guide for Loving Your Neighbor in Their Time of Trial
    Beginning Sept. 16, 2018
    Sundays, 9:45-10:45am, Room 204
    Facilitators: Betsy Mangum, Richard Watson, Marty Warburton, JoAnn Lytle-Olson

    Whether it’s cancer, death of a loved one, long-term illness, loss of a beloved pet, or another significant challenge, we all know someone facing trials. What can we do to help? How many times have you wanted to do the practical thing when someone you know is in a hard place, but had no idea where to start? In this collection of stories, we’ll explore what is actually needed and what is truly appropriate depending on the depth of the relationship.

  3. News & Articles : April 18 Aperture: Third Wednesdays

    April 18 Aperture: Third Wednesdays
    “Ossuaries and the Burials of Jesus and James”
    Professor Jodi Magness
    6:30-8pm | Music Room

    Our guest speaker for Aperture: Third Wednesdays in January is UNC-Chapel Hill Professor Jodi Magness, Kenan Distinguished Professor for Teaching Excellence in Early Judaism.

    In 2002, an ossuary inscribed “James son of Joseph brother of Jesus” surfaced in the hands of a private collector. A few years later, a Discovery Channel documentary and related book claimed that the tomb of Jesus and his family has been found in Jerusalem. In this slide-illustrated lecture, we examine the validity of these sensational claims in light of archaeological and historical evidence for ancient Jewish tombs and burial customs in Jerusalem, including the burials of Jesus and his brother James.

    Dinner – baked chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, rolls – will be served from 5:45-6:15pm in the Fellowship Hall. Please sign up for dinner at by Monday, April 16.

  4. News & Articles : February 21 Aperture: Third Wednesdays

    February 21 Aperture: Third Wednesdays
    “Poverty and Race in Durham: A Faith Response”
    Rev. Mel Williams
    6:30-8pm | Music Room

    Mel Williams is the Pastor Emeritus of Watts Street Baptist Church and the Coordinator of End Poverty Durham. He tells us:

    “For years I have had a growing concern about the disparity between rich and poor in our city. Our faith calls us to care for ‘the least of these’ and to provide opportunities for those who are least privileged.

    In 2004, I said to my colleague Haywood Holderness, ‘We in the faith community need to do something about the poverty in Durham!’ Haywood said, ‘Call a meeting, and I’ll be there.’”

    Come hear the rest of the story and learn about the present ministry of End Poverty Durham, a coalition of organizations and congregations working to alleviate the crisis of poverty in our city.

    Join us for meatloaf, mashed potatoes, green beans, rolls, and dessert beforehand. Dinner will be served from 5:45-6:15pm in the Fellowship Hall. Please sign up for dinner by Monday, February 19.

  5. News & Articles : Ash Wednesday 2018

    Join us for fellowship over food and a time of worship as we enter the season of Lent on Wednesday, February 14:

    • Pancake Dinner: 5:45pm, Fellowship Hall Pancakes and sausage will be served until 6:45pm. Gluten free pancakes will be available, as well as a turkey option for the meat.
    • Children’s Time: 6:15pm, Parlor This will be a time to teach children about why we use ashes in the worship service.
    • Ash Wednesday Service with Imposition of Ashes: 7pm, Sanctuary Childcare available by RSVP for ages 4 and under during the worship service.

    Sign up for dinner and for childcare during worship by Monday, February 12.

    A sign-up to help with set-up and clean-up will be available soon.