There is an opening for a sound technician to serve during November (11am), March (11am), and July (10am). Sound technicians manage the Sanctuary’s sound system during worship, ensuring that the service runs smoothly (and audibly!). Volunteers receive training from coordinator Lee Katrincic.

If you’re interested in learning more or volunteering for the November/March/July team, please contact Lee Katrincic (

Find out what sound tech Mark Hill likes most about this volunteer role:

How long have you been a sound tech?
Almost three years, I guess? I think I was trained by Doug Wellemeyer in December 2014. [My family] usually sits up in the balcony (a holdover from when the kids were younger), and I thought since I was up there just about every week, I might as well try to be helpful.

What do you enjoy most about being a sound tech at WPC?
I like the way it keeps me focused on the rhythms of the service. Before I started, I thought pushing the buttons might distract me from paying attention to the substance of the service, but in fact I find that I probably pay more attention and follow more closely. I like the feeling of making a positive contribution to our weekly worship, even though if all goes well people won’t have any occasion to think about the sound at all.

What’s unique about being a sound tech during worship?
It’s a great view! I especially like baptisms, when I don’t have to crane my neck to see what the babies are getting up to when the pastor carries them down the aisle.