Our Team, ready for church

Blog post written by Pat Gunter

Travel went well yesterday, and the Haiti medical team arrived safely with the usual mountain of luggage. Our tap taps were waiting to take us, first to the grocery to get our food for lunches, and then on to the hotel to get settled in.

We started today by attending worship services at two of the three Haiti Outreach Ministries (HOM) churches. In both churches, they asked us to stand and be recognized; they then thanked us for coming to help and asked God to bless us.

After lunch we changed our clothes and headed to the clinic to do set up and orientation. That took all afternoon, but I think we are ready for the line of patients that will be waiting for us tomorrow morning. The four newcomers to our team are anxious to get going and figure out how to treat the patients here. Give them a half-hour tomorrow, and they will be old pros.

Happy birthday, Woody!

After dinner, we celebrated Woody’s birthday with a wonderful cake provided by the hotel where we stay. He said that birthdays are not so special anymore, but that this is one he will remember.

Tomorrow, we will head to the clinic bright and early to start our work. Please pray for us that we will do great work for our God. More to come tomorrow……..