In September 2013, the WPC Session decided to do some planning and praying for the future. The Session initiated a strategic planning process aimed at establishing a consensus around the critical issues facing our church and developing goals to address them. Nine church members and staff worked with two consultants from Executive Service Corps on this process.

After completing a thorough assessment of our ministries, we created three broad goals. Providentially, these fall into the framework of Micah 6:8. They are:

  1. “Do Justice” God calls us to be partners in mission with our neighbors, as we seek to do God’s work in this place. To this end, we are looking to build strategic partnerships so that, together, we might address neighborhood opportunities and needs.
  2. “Love Kindness” God calls us into covenant community, together, and we want all of our members to feel deeply connected to each other and to the church. To this end, we want to create opportunities for members to be connected and care for each other, so that bonds might be strengthened.
  3. “Walk Humbly with God” God calls us to the work of discipleship, of learning, together, how to follow Jesus Christ. To this end, we will design and implement a plan of faith formation, with the objective of strengthening the spiritual lives of our members.

You will receive a strategic planning survey designed to gather feedback on these three areas on or around Monday, December 1. Your input is critically important for determining how to best achieve the above goals. Please reflect prayerfully on what God is doing at WPC, what God could do at WPC, and how you might be a part of it. Contact Chris Tuttle with questions.