At its April 23 meeting, the Session agreed to a contract with the Rev. Tom Norwood of Horizons Stewardship (see Session Notes in May 10 newsletter). Horizons seeks to inspire generosity and grow disciples by helping people grow in gratitude, prayer, and faith as they seek God’s guidance in their giving.

Tom grew up here in Durham and graduated from Durham High School one year before our own Barb Schmidt; his father ran a shoe store at Northgate Mall for many years. Based out of Davidson, Tom has worked with a number of Presbyterian churches in the area. Learn more about Tom.

Tom will soon begin meeting with the Stewardship Committee to provide guidance and support on this year’s stewardship campaign. When the Session is ready, Tom will also begin work on a feasibility study for a potential capital campaign. The feasibility study would likely take place this fall. Our contract with Tom includes both the annual stewardship campaign and the initial work toward a capital campaign because the Session feels it is important that this work be as well-coordinated and comprehensive as possible.

Contact any elder on the Session or Chris Tuttle with questions.