The Book of Jeremiah: A Prophetic Message of Resistance and Restoration

Mondays, January 30 – March 27
10am-12pm in Room 105 | Facilitator: Heather Ferguson
Books available for $5

The Monday Morning Bible Study is a place to dig deeper into scripture alongside folks who enjoy being challenged by the text, like to laugh (a lot), and welcome others into the conversations of faith that guide and enrich life.

Jeremiah is a towering Old Testament figure, a prophet for the nations. In the midst of war, political corruption, vast social change, and crisis in religious beliefs, he resisted the evil surrounding him. He spoke for God. He stood alone. He lived by faith at much personal cost. He looked with sorrow into the anguish around him and understood God in a new way, thus offering hope of restoration to a defeated and dislocated people.

During this study we will explore events in the life and times of Jeremiah. We will consider the political, social, and especially the religious circumstances that influenced Jeremiah. We will look at the failure of religious reforms and the upheaval of war in the world of his time. We will learn how he discerned God in the midst of this chaos. And after all failed and Jerusalem was under siege, about to be destroyed, we will examine how Jeremiah could hope for restoration. Please join us for this fascinating and timely study.