Being Presbyterian Monday Morning Bible Study: Being Presbyterian in the Bible Belt
Mondays, April 13-May 18*
10am-12pm in Room 207

Addressing such questions as "Are You Saved, or Are You Presbyterian?" and "Is the Bible the Literal Word of God or Just a Long, Boring Book?" this is an easy-to-understand, slightly irreverent approach to theology and the kind of theological musings that many folks have today. Being Presbyterian in the Bible Belt helps Presbyterian people articulate their faith and respond to these questions.

This will be a great, concise course on what Presbyterians believe, perfect for parents of confirmands who want to brush up on their own knowledge of our faith; folks who are new to the Presbyterian denomination; or anyone interested in learning more about our Reformed tradition.

Our schedule will be as follows:

  • Monday, April 13 & Sunday, April 19: Introduction and Chapter 1: Are You Saved, or Are You Presbyterian?
  • Monday, April 20 & Sunday, April 26: Chapter 2: Is the Bible the Literal Word of God, or Just a Long Boring Book?
  • Monday, April 27 & Sunday, May 3: Chapter 3: Are you Going to Heaven, or to Tulsa? and Chapter 4: Is Jesus “Lord,” or Just a Good Guy?
  • Monday, May 4 & Sunday, May 10: Chapter 5: Are Only 144,000 Saved?; Chapter 6: When Will the World End, or Did It End in the 1960’s?; and Chapter 7: Do Presbyterians Have Spirit, or Do They Just Drink Them?
  • Monday, May 11 & Sunday, May 17: Chapters 8: Why Don’t You Repent in Dust and Ashes? and Chapter 9: Who’s in Charge?

*This class will also be offered in Adult Church School on Sundays from 9:45-10:45am from April 19-May 17 in Room 207.