Your Session met on September 17. The opening devotional by Bonnie Derr provided a wonderful segue from the morning sermon on forgiveness to the business at hand. While much of the meeting was devoted to introduction of new elders, roles and responsibilities, an upcoming Presbytery meeting, and budget items, the featured attraction was a report by Dave Mountain on a feasibility study to determine how much money we would likely be able to raise through a capital campaign for new construction.

Dave provided an update and laid out next steps: interviews conducted by a consultant who will share long-range plans and gauge interest in pursuing (and paying for) those plans. A report is expected in late November, at which time the Session will review it and decide on next steps. Current plans will be made available in October as the feasibility study begins. There will be a time to learn more about the facilities plans on October 25. The meeting adjourned to the Tuttle’s home for a dinner to let new and continuing elders get better acquainted.

Mike Bunch
Class of 2018