The Session is still monitoring the church’s budget deficit. Dave Mountain will write a budget status update for the congregation (see page 3), and present a revised budget to the Session at our next meeting in August. The Youth Council will conduct a fundraiser for mission trips in 2017 and 2018 at a carnival planned for Rally Day on September 10. The first phase of our capital maintenance plan has been completed. The Sanctuary roof has been replaced, the scaffolding taken down, and the gutters repaired. The church received an anonymous donation for $150,000 to cover the initial estimated cost which kept the church from having to secure more debt. Doug Wellemeyer is pursuing bids for the Mission Center’s roof repair, and Pickard Roofing has currently submitted the lowest bid since they do not plan to use painters or scaffolding on the project. The Session unanimously approved upgrades to the software for our church’s security system with $7,000 from the deferred maintenance fund. Stewardship Committee leaders and Tom Norwood of Horizons Stewardship are meeting with Chris Tuttle to coordinate a fall stewardship campaign and a capital campaign feasibility study. In response to a request the church received to offer sanctuary to two gentlemen facing deportation, the Session began a conversation to explore how we might be called to respond, including the relevant legal issues.

Bill Coppridge
Class of 2019