At its May 21 stated meeting, the Session approved a change to the terms of call for Betty’s housing with no resulting net change, and the baptism request for Ruthie Cade Hartman on August 13.

The Session reviewed reports from ten commissions and committees, with special attention to a Facilities & Grounds update indicating that the cost of repairs to the Sanctuary are under budget. There is hope that extra work on the Fellowship Hall can be accommodated. The budget deficit in April was $80,710 and the Ways & Means Commission continues to ask all committees to review expenses to figure out where savings can be appropriately made.

The Stewardship Committee did not meet prior to the Session meeting, but a meeting is scheduled with Horizons Stewardship, which will assist with the stewardship campaign this fall and assess the potential for a capital campaign (see page 3 of the May 24 newsletter for details).

Two policy updates for “Professional Expense and Reimbursement” and “Professional Development, Study Leave, and Sabbatical” for pastors and salaried staff were approved. A strategic plan update, among other things, pointed to plans for a Sunday morning worship service with La Nueva in August, and a need to re-work the facilities review based on feedback from congregation members. Chris intends to provide regular quarterly updates on strategic planning efforts.

Bonnie Derr
Class of 2019