This report covers the Session meetings of March 19 and the called meeting on April 2. This is a very busy time in the life of the church. Highlights of the meetings pertain to:

Finances: The revised deficit was $130,121 as a result of elder contact with congregation and increased gifts and pledges. The Session noted with gratitude a sizable single contribution to cover the cost of Sanctuary roof repairs. The Ways & Means Commission suggests that all committees review their expenses and to see if there are ways to be more cost effective in running their programs. It was decided that a series of newsletter articles would be planned to explain committee programs and ways the money is benefiting the programs and benevolences we support.

Capital Campaign and Stewardship: A budget will be submitted prior to the stewardship campaign this year. It is possible that a feasibility study will help with stewardship and thus determine if a capital campaign is feasible at this time. The Session will receive a recommendation on a potential capital campaign consultant at its April 23 meeting.

Confirmands and inquirers were examined and approved. New members will be introduced during worship on April 23 and 30.

Barbara Rynerson
Class of 2017

Presbytery Meeting Report: February 25

Pastors Chris Tuttle and Betty Berghaus, along with elders Mike Bunch and Bill Coppridge, attended the New Hope Presbytery meeting at Cary Presbyterian Church on February 25. Chris Tuttle was installed as the Presbytery’s new moderator, and many proposals were discussed and voted on during the meeting, including a number of changes in our church’s Book of Order. One change that was approved is for pastors to be called Ministers of the Word and Sacrament instead of Teaching Elders. The Directory of Worship in the Book of Order, which was almost completely rewritten, was approved. One change to be noted was that instead of all who are baptized being welcomed at the Lord’s table, now those who trust in Christ may be welcomed, even if not yet baptized (W-2.4011 a and b). Sarah Wolf was also welcomed as a candidate for ministry. The Presbytery’s Lenten theme this year is “Signs of Hope,” and everyone really enjoyed the fabulous lunch and all day meeting. The next Presbytery meeting will be on Tuesday July 24 in Wake Forest.

Bill Coppridge
Class of 2019