Ways & Means chair Dave Pottenger updated his fellow elders on the church’s financial situation. Of note, the church currently has a healthy cash surplus, and the land debt at the time of the report was $176,056.

John Graham, co-chair of the Capital Campaign Leadership Committee, presented a report on planning for the capital campaign. In addition to a communication plan aimed at making the entire congregation aware of the campaign, and the need for it, the committee is planning a series of special events. These events include Gratitude Sunday on March 18, a Celebration Breakfast between worship services on April 15, and Commitment Sunday on April 22. The congregation is encouraged to watch the bulletin, newsletter, website, and your mailbox for additional capital campaign communication.

Betty Berghaus, who moderated this Session meeting, explained the rigorous process used by the Roll Review Committee in making a series of recommendations to the Session. After hearing about the process, the Session approved the committee’s motion to remove 17 names from the church’s rolls. The Session is thankful for the hard, diligent work of committee members Mike Bunch, Andy Dunk, Cindy Soloe, Sam Bryan, Bill Coppridge, and Barbara Rynerson, as well as Betty for leading the group.

Jeremy Trantham
Class of 2018