The Session called congregational meetings for the Nominating Committee to present Shirley Rufty as a candidate for deacon (see bio on page 5), filling the vacated position held by Shannon Taylor. Congregational meetings will be held at the 11am service on December 3 and December 17 for her nomination and election.

The elders also examined and approved seven inquirers for membership (see bios on page 6). A commission was set up to examine a number of additional inquirers who were absent. There was a brief review of financial and committee reports that yielded no motions or recommendations.

Tom Norwood from Horizons Stewardship then presented the results of our feasibility study for a capital campaign. Its results led to a reasonable belief that our church could succeed in a campaign to raise between $2-$2.5 million dollars over the next three years. The Session will make several decisions regarding a campaign at its November 29 meeting. Rev. Norwood finished by presenting five recommendations that would help us move forward toward our goals that were tabulated during the study.

Bill Coppridge
Class of 2019