Your Session gathered on November 29 to continue discussion on the recommendations made by Horizons Stewardship, our contracted consultant company, regarding the feasibility of having a capital campaign to raise money for facilities improvement. The elders fully reviewed and discussed each of the feasibility study report’s recommendations. These three recommendations were passed:

  1. To move forward with a capital campaign to be conducted in the spring of 2018 to address campus needs in the Mission Center, Sanctuary, Fellowship Hall, and paying off the land.
  2. To appoint a Capital Campaign Working Group to review and revise the current Fellowship Hall, Sanctuary, and Mission Center proposal to seek a balance between preliminary capital capacity and campus needs. The group will align the plans for facilities improvements with the forecasted capital campaign goal fulfillment, which will require paring down the current facility proposal slightly. Since November 29, this group has been meeting regularly and will make a report at the Session retreat on January 27.
  3. To recruit a Campaign Leadership Team and develop a calendar so that the capital campaign can be conducted in the spring. Progress on the formation and organization of this team will also be presented at the January retreat.

Sally Keener
Clerk of Session