Last month the Session reviewed and approved an update to our budget. At the beginning of the year, the budget was $180,000 greater than our projected pledge income. Since then, the congregation has responded with great generosity. At the same time, the committees and staff have worked to review how we operate, finding opportunities for savings and greater efficiencies. The new budget closed the gap to just $50,000 with four months remaining on the year. Revenue continues to run ahead of expenses, and we are confident that we’ll have a strong finish.

This has been an unusual budget year where we have funded a sizable mission outreach program, a flourishing youth program, extensive child and adult education programs, and addressed a number of overdue building maintenance projects. On behalf of the Session, I can say that we are profoundly grateful for the congregation’s continued support for the work of the church.

If you have questions, please contact me, incoming Ways & Means chair Dave Pottenger, or Office Manager Elizabeth Takla.

Dave Mountain
Outgoing Ways & Means Commission Chair