Sacraments ClassWe will offer a two-part class in Room 105 on the sacraments for children who are currently in 2nd grade or
older and at least one parent. Dinner will be included in our time together and childcare is available for younger siblings upon request.

  1. Wednesday, January 7, 5:30-7pm (Dinner included) Remembering Your Baptism: You Are God’s Beloved
  2. Wednesday, January 14, 5:30-7pm (Dinner included) Welcoming Children to the Lord’s Table: Communion

Register yourself and your child for the class, childcare, and/or special dietary needs. Contact Heather Ferguson with questions.

When is the right time for children to participate in communion at Westminster? 

Since each child’s development is different, the age of readiness varies from child to child. The determination of his readiness is primarily the responsibility of the parent(s), but it is also the responsibility of the whole church to assist parents in preparing their children for meaningful participation in communion. Therefore, our church welcomes children to communion when their parent(s) feel the child is ready, and after taking the sacraments class typically held each year.