Per Chris’s letter to the congregation, Westminster has entered a season of discernment about issues of welcome, inclusion, and same-gender marriage. The Session will be studying the list of resources* below, and invites you to join them. For background on the PC(USA)’s standing on same-gender marriage, please visit GA221 on Marriage.

Resources on assumptions around our polity and reading Scripture together:

Resources that frame relevant scholarship:

Resources that argue one "side" or another:

As we read and study and pray together, every member of the church is invited to write the Session a letter sharing what you feel is important for them to consider (email to or mail to 3639 Old Chapel Hill Rd, Durham, NC 27707, c/o Marriage Discernment by March 27). You may also request an in-person meeting with a pastor and an elder or two, which you can do by emailing the same address above.

We will compile all of the letters, emails, and notes from meetings with you for the Session to read. Listening to the congregation’s best wisdom and discernment is important to us. Your voice matters.

*Westminster is grateful to First Presbysterian Church of Raleigh for compiling and sharing these resources.

March 30 Update

During a discernment retreat of Westminster’s Session and Diaconate on March 19, the three pastors shared their testimony on why they believe what they believe about same-gender marriage.