PopUp Supper ClubWhat’s a Pop-Up Supper Club?
As the name suggests, it’s a short-term, randomly-assigned group of 12-16 people who will meet three or four times during 2015. The short-term nature of these supper clubs gives folks the chance to meet and share a meal with people they may not already know, and be part of a tradition that has nurtured many friendships over the years. We hope to have three or four pop-up supper clubs meeting this year.

How Can I Take Part?
If you’d like to be part of a pop-up supper club and you’re not already participating in an existing supper club, sign up online or in the Mission Center to be randomly assigned to a club. Around March 16, you will learn who your host is/what kind of dish to bring to the first potluck supper, which will take place on Saturday, March 21 (supper times may vary).

Contact Jennifer Feiler, Sara Pottenger, or Dana Lange.