Blog post by Jami Howell

Greetings from Haiti! Today we had to rise and shine earlier than usual. Our tap-taps picked us up at 6:00am to take us to the school at Terre Noire. All the children line up at 6:45am to sing the National Haitian anthem and listen to announcements from the Headmaster. Unfortunately, two children were disruptive and had to kneel in the corner.

Nadege, Pastor Leon ‘s daughter, gave us a tour of the classrooms, where we visited with the students in one three-year-old and two Kindergarten classrooms. Remarkably, the Kindergarten students were writing in cursive, which appeared more more legible the handwriting of some of our team members! We also visited the kitchen where the cooks were preparing meals provided by Rise Against Hunger over a wood fire. We stopped in the library where Nadege shared that there are no public schools or libraries in Port-Au-Prince. Of the ten private school libraries, HOM has five of them!

Some team members were able to visit with their sponsored child. HOM enrolls 180 three-year-old students each year, all needing sponsorship. Parents contribute a portion of the tuition while the remainder is covered through sponsorship.

Finally, before leaving for the clinic, we shopped at the onsite gift shop, buying Haitian made gifts for loved ones back home.

After all that, it was only 8:30am, so it was off to the clinic for a full day of seeing 98 patients. God is working indeed!