Blog post by Woody Warburton

Today is day five, but only our third day in the clinic. It was exciting just getting to the clinic as there is road construction outside the Palm Inn with huge piles of gravel and barely enough room to get by. One tap-tap had to push the other to get over the curb!

Today’s clinic brought the usual mix of patients, ranging in age from one week old to 80 years old. A good number of patients were dehydrated. It’s amazing what two liters of Gatorade will do for a 65-year-old person who is feeling poorly and barely able to walk. The other common problem is hypertension. Just like in the US, it is a major challenge to get folks to take their medications every day!

We only saw 80 patients in the clinic and were finished for the day by 2:00pm. Jackie Dorleans and Nadege had asked that we see some students at the new high school (and see their new building) in Berye Fe.  Six students have grown to 80+, so we took the full team with translators, triage equipment, and a supply of medications, guessing at what kinds of health concerns we might find there. It was an excellent and rewarding experience – an impressive group of 7th-10th grade students. I asked every one what their favorite subject was; their answers were physics, biology, math, commuter science, and languages. Not one said PE or soccer or recess. It was very nice to see the future leaders of Haiti. Yes, education is the ticket out of the pervasive poverty.

We are blessed with a wonderful group of 10 translators. They are a joy to be around. All are amazing. Here’s a brief profile of this group who are so critical to our work:

Paulinx: Age 25, lead translator, studying law, tutors, and helps with technology problems
Markins: Age 35, a third-year law student, likes journalism and sports
Eugenie: Age 34, English teacher, married with eight children – a two- and a four-year-old at home and six who live in the US
Wood: Age 31, 3rd grade teacher, married with a wife and four-year-old child in Paris
Evans: Age 31, just graduated from law school
Osmack: Age 26, 4th-6th grade English teacher
Marline” Age 24,speaks Spanish and German and is studying Japanese; has studied theology
Anderson: Age 24, teaches 3rd grade
Calvin: Age 25, college student studying telecommunication engineering, likes to paint and do electrical work
Joseph: Age 18, works with kids and is writing a book

What a talented and wonderful group!

The devotions tonight were from First Thessalonians about authentic joy. Our translators exhibit this as they care for us. We are truly blessed. We closed with the reminder that the joy of the Lord is our strength.

With love and joy from Haiti,