aperture2November 16 Aperture: Third Wednesdays
The Confession of Belhar with Chris Tuttle
6:30-8pm | Room 105

Have you noticed that the Affirmation of Faith in the worship bulletin has come from “The Confession of Belhar” recently? Last year, the Presbyterian Church’s General Assembly voted to add it to our denomination’s Book of Confessions. This confession, written in 1986 in apartheid-era South Africa, calls us to be a people of unity and reconciliation in seasons of conflict. When is the church called to go along with the rest of the world? When are we called to be a different kind of community, founded on a different set of values?

Chris Tuttle will share with us some context for this document and walk us through important pieces of it. Then we’ll wrestle as a large group and in smaller groups with what it might mean for us today.

Dinner will be available beginning at 5:45pm in the Fellowship Hall. Please sign up for dinner by the Monday before to help us prepare. No sign-up is required for Aperture.