Wednesday, November 20, 6:30pm, in the Music Room

What is death? What does it mean to “die”? Dr. Ray Barfield, professor of both pediatric oncology, palliative care, and Christian philosophy at Duke, will explore these questions at this month’s Aperture.  Are there aspects of death, of dying “well,” that can inform how we live together now? How might we die  – and live – in ways that lead to human flourishing, especially as people of faith? Dr. Barfield brings extensive experience at the intersection of medicine, philosophy, and theology to assure an evening of great conversation!

Ray Barfield joined the faculties of Duke’s Medical School and Divinity School in 2008. The first half of his career focused on improving immune therapies for childhood cancer (including bone marrow transplantation and antibody therapy), and understanding the moral aspects of decision-making in medical research involving children. At Duke he has focused on the role of theology, humanities, and the arts in the formation of physicians. He has published widely in medicine, philosophy, and literature, including several books. Dr. Barfield was the founding director of two programs at Duke: Pediatric Quality of Life and Palliative Care and Theology, Medicine, and Culture. Currently, he is the director of the Medical Humanities Program for the Trent Center for Bioethics, Medical Humanities, and History of Medicine in the Medical School. He is married to Karen Barfield, who is an Episcopal priest. They reside in Durham with their two daughters.