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March 31, 2021Holy Week and Easter in-person and online worship services and events

March 26, 2021:  Two things as we approach the holiest week of the year🌿✝️

March 19, 2021Chanting my way to Holy Week + other good things to do

March 11, 2021THE TREE, Aperture with Dr. Chi, Holy Week happenings, and more

March 5, 2021Journeying through Lent, Looking ahead to Palm Sunday 🌿✝️

February 25, 2021A season of preparation and renewal: Rituals, prayers, and gatherings to ground and unite us 💜

February 16, 2021Shrove Tuesday today 🥞 Ash Wednesday tomorrow 🙏

February 11, 2021Westminster weekly news: Time to prepare for Lent 🥞🙏💜

February 4, 2021Westminster weekly news: New month, new opportunities 🙌🙌

January 28, 2021Westminster weekly news: Baking bread and looking ahead to February 

January 21, 2021A blessing for the vaccine and for us all

January 14, 2021How will we be faithful in these times?

January 8, 2021Let us move forward with faithful intention

January 1, 2021Wishing you a happy and hope-filled new year

December 23, 2020Westminster Weekly News:  The Christmas Cheer edition

December 17, 2020Not the season we’d hoped for, but grateful still 

December 10, 2020Christmas Pageant under the stars, Fellowship Hall tours, and a message from WPC’s Racial Equity team

December 3, 2020WPC Weekly News:  All Things Advent!

November 24, 2020Westminster Weekly News, the  Thanksgiving edition

November 19, 2020Christ the King Sunday ushers in a “same and different” Advent

November 12, 2020: Good things in November + preparations for an Advent season like no other

November 5, 2020Westminster weekly news: the “Take a deep breath” edition

October 29, 2020Westminster weekly news: Looking ahead to November

October 22, 2020: Your Westminster weekly news – Grace in the Wilderness edition

October 15, 20202:00am musings on love and stewardship

October 9, 2020Refreshed and enlivened to the possibilities of the familiar

September 30, 2020What’s happening at WPC? Get the details here

September 23, 2020Welcome the new season with connection and reflection

September 16, 2020Aperture tonight + good things on Sunday = Invitation to encounter God

September 10, 2020This Sunday: Rally Day, Church School, and a new season begins!

September 3, 2020Get ready for a new season of Christian Education for all ages

August 27, 2020Nurturing Faith in CommUNITY together/apart – Introducing WPC CommUNITY Groups

August 20, 2020Watching for God’s Big Circles

August 13, 2020Our  God is faithful, and our community is strong

August 6, 2020The work of the church continues, and you are needed

July 30, 2020:  God at work in and through and among us all

July 23, 2020:  “Is Your Trunk Ready?”

July 16, 2020:  What hasn’t changed? Christ’s call to us to serve

July 9, 2020:  Take time to glimpse the glory of God’s creation, get caught up in it!

July 3, 2020:  Grateful to continue the work to be more faithful and more just, for all

June 26, 2020:  The building is closed, but the church is open!

June 17, 2020:  Work for the Spirit, work for our hearts, work for our hands

June 11, 2020:  Keep learning, keep pressing, keep praying

June 5, 2020:  Westminster’s Weekly Newsletter

June 1, 2020Change begins with us. We have work to do.

May 28, 2020:  The church, essential and connected in these together-apart days

May 21, 2020:  Life and ministry continue to move forward in uncertain times

May 14, 2020:  Caring for each other, reaching out, learning, and praying in powerful ways

May 7, 2020:  New ways to learn, connect, and say thanks

April 30, 2020: Help your neighbor, prepare for communion, learn something new

April 23, 2020:  Your Westminster weekly e-News

April 16, 2020:  Peace be with you

April 8, 2020:  Holy Week with your Westminster family

April 3, 2020:  “Blessed is the One” – Preparing for Palm Sunday

March 26, 2020:  Finding our rhythm, keeping connected, reaching out

March 19, 2020:  Being the Church in the era of COVID-19

March 13, 2020:  Preparing and Adapting: The Church at work during the pandemic

February 24, 2020:  Scripture, song, ashes, prayer: Lent begins on Wednesday

February 19, 2020:  Tonight, come learn from Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove, as Lent approaches

February 13, 2020:  Newsletter (print)

February 5, 2020:  Seize these opportunities to serve and learn

January 30, 2020:  Serving others is the very 💙 of what it means to be a follower of Jesus

January 16, 2020:  Newsletter (print)

January 7, 2020:  So much to be grateful for, so many ways to live it out