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May 20, 2022:Β  WPC Weekly News: Open doors, rock the block, eat donuts, play drums πŸ˜€πŸ”¨πŸ©πŸ₯

May 13, 2022:Β  WPC Weekly News: Celebrate πŸ˜€ Serve πŸ’™ Worship πŸ™ Grow 🌟

May 6, 2022:Β  WPC Weekly News: A great Sunday + all the things πŸ˜€

April 29, 2022:Β  WPC Weekly News: Spring Fling on Saturday + looking ahead to May πŸ‘€

April 20, 2022:Β  WPC Weekly News: What Youth Group is up to

April 12, 2022:Β  The Story That Matters the Most

April 6, 2022:Β Get ready for CROP Walk – join Team WPC Durham πŸ‘ŸπŸ‘ŸπŸ‘Ÿ

March 31, 2022:Β  This week’s news: CROP Walk + all things Easter

March 25, 2022:Β  Welcoming each other with grace and good ol’ WPC hospitality πŸ€—

March 17, 2022:Β  Thanksgiving for a place young Christians can explore their faith with freedom and joy

March 11, 2022:Β  The harvest is plentiful; may the workers be also! πŸ‡

March 2, 2022:Β  WPC Weekly News: our Labyrinth for Lent, Youth Sunday on March 13, Blood Drive on March 15, Kim and Penn Holderness on March 16, and so much more

February 25, 2022: It’s time: Opening doors for mission, for community, for faith πŸ’™

February 16, 2022: Learn the why behind the Y and WPC’s new Y partnership

February 11, 2022:Β  Looking ahead to Lent: Wanderlust and why we could all use a pilgrimage

February 4, 2022:Β  This week’s news: Durham Pilgrimage interest meeting, return of in-person programs for kids and youth, and moreΒ 

January 28, 2022:Β  Westminster Weekly News: Singing and Sundays, History and the Human Spirit

January 21, 2022:Β  This week’s news: Time to learn, to serve, to give, to pray πŸ’™

January 13, 2022:Β  Winter weather switcheroo: In-person worship on Saturday, online only worship on Sunday πŸ˜‰

January 6, 2022:Β  Our call: To model the kingdom of God, even in difficult times

December 31, 2021:  The possibilities of a brand new year ✨