James in the Suburbs

Mondays, September 26 – December 12
10am-12pm in Room 105
Books available for $20

Most Christians are consumers. We are obsessed with knowing the right theology and following the right set of rules in hopes that God will bless us. Yet, no matter how much God blesses us, we are still looking for more. James says this life of faith is dead. But there is another type of Christian, one who craves being put to work as the servant of God to share God’s blessings with others. Their faith spurs them on to become the hands and feet of Christ. James says this faith is alive.

“James in the Suburbs” is a parable – an energizing story of the lives of six men and women – that wraps itself around the Epistle of James, making its teachings immediately applicable to modern life. We will walk away with not only a thorough understanding of the epistle, but also the unforgettable story of people just like us, whose lives the Holy Spirit turned upside down.