There are many ways of thinking about what a labyrinth is and what it might represent as we prepare for Lent. I love metaphors, so I like to think of a labyrinth as life. There are so many possibilities in life, but one path becomes clear if we picture a labyrinth with God in the center. It is true that we still have to put our feet on that path; we still have to have the patience and trust to walk the path. We try to see ahead and take shortcuts, but these often lead us back to the beginning. We must trust that the twists and turns will lead us to the center.

Four of us wanted to construct a labyrinth. We had a map, a design to follow. We just had to mark the lines. How easy that sounds. Lesson one in any building project is “measure twice, cut once.” We all know that lesson, but as we began with our measuring tape and our markers, we quickly realized that this lesson was crucial. If we did not trust the design, we were sure to make the error of cutting twice and ultimately would have to start over.

First, we had to trust our map. Then we had to stick to following it, even when some of the borderlines made no sense initially. The map picture in my head did not seem to be what we were building. I argued and questioned and consulted the map. I listened to my partners and finally began to trust them. All of us went through this. Even though we had a map, it did not seem to show what we wanted. Only when we had the center section correctly established did the lines begin to make sense. As in life, once we have God correctly in the center, the path makes sense.

So, lessons on building a labyrinth: Work with others. Have a map. Trust the map. Listen to each other. Laugh. Measure. Trust each other. Follow the path. Ask questions. Encourage each other. Laugh and measure again. Measure twice. Trust the map. Exclaim in delight and wonder when you reach the center. And finally, walk the path.

Experiencing the Westminster Labyrinth During Lent

  • March 6: Lenten GiFT: Walk in the Way – Exploring the Labyrinth, 9:45-10:45am
  • March 9 and on Wednesdays throughout Lent: Midday Worship at the Labyrinth 12:30-12:45pm (meet at the Garage)
  • Or, anytime during daylight hours: Come to the Labyrinth to walk, reflect, and pray